Do I Need a Consult?


If you are asking yourself this question, then chances are YOU DO! Whether you are just home from the hospital and having painful latch issues or you are several months out and concerned that your milk supply is inadequate, I can help. Together we can evaluate your breastfeeding (or bottle feeding!) issues and formulate a plan of care. My mission is to help you meet your goals and get your baby fed.

In Home Consults

Before meeting with your family in your home, I ask you fill out an intake form so that I can tailor the structure of our visit. Most families require a 90-120 minute initial visit and a 60-90 minute follow up visit.

Visits in inclues:

❤︎ Weigh in for baby

❤︎ In depth discussion with parents about concerns and plan of care

❤︎ Observation of baby's latch and milk transfer

❤︎ Assessment positioning and comfort for mom

❤︎ Tailored and in depth informational packet with outlined Plan of Care for Reference

❤︎ Two Weeks of Messaging Support for further follow up and to ensure you get all your questions answered!

My in home consults are meant to be supportive during and after the visit. I want my clients to feel like I am part of their breastfeeding team and accessible to help them on their motherhood journey.

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I live in the southern end of Lancaster, PA. I generally only make in home consults for families within 50 miles of my home. I serve Lancaster and Chester County. For an agreed upon fee, I will consider traveling further.

Phone/Skype Lactation Package

  • ❤︎ How much milk should I expect to be pumping?
  • ❤︎ How do I know my baby is eating enough?
  • ❤︎ My baby seems to cry all the time. Is that normal?
  • ❤︎ How long is my pumped milk good for in the refrigerator? Freezer? At room temperature?

Need help but you don’t live locally? No problem. I’m here to help. The internet is a wealth of information but much of it is contradictory or from unreliable sources. Many parents feel overwhelmed trying to find answers to breastfeeding questions. With this package, you will get and 90-120 long Virtual Session. I offer a variety of virtual consult packages that can be tailored to your needs. Following our session, I will send you an in depth Breastfeeding Plan with additional resources. All consults also get 2 weeks of messaging support to allow for further follow up to help you get all your questions answered.

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Add On Services

For those wanted additional support, I offer a premium add on service via secure messaging (text message style). Some mother’s enjoy the additional access to me to have all their questions answers along the way.  I respond to messages throughout the day and even on weekends for this premium package.  You can add this service anytime after an in home or virtual consult with me for 2 weeks or 1 month (with a discounted rate) increments.

2 Weeks Messaging Support - $30

One Month Messaging Support - $55

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In Network Provider

I am an in network provider for Independence Blue Cross (this does not include Blue Shield) and Aetna. Check with your insurance provider to clarify your coverage for “in home lactation coverage.” For Aetna and Independence Blue Cross subscribers, many will have multiple visits covered in full.

If you are not insured by Aetna or Independence Blue Cross, I can provide a coded super bill for you to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. For clients who are cash pay, I take cash or check. I also take credit cards (fees apply).

In Home Consults

Initial consults are generally schedule to be 90 minutes long. Follow up visits are 60 minutes. If your visit is covered by insurance, all costs will be directly billed to your carrier. Listed prices are for cash pay clients.

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Initial Visit - $175

Follow Up Visit - $150

3 Pack Consult Deal- $440

Package of 3 consults (Initial Consult and 2 follow up consults). Savings of $35!

2 Pack Consult Deal- $275

Package of 2 Follow Up Consults (for cash pay clients). Savings of $25

Phone/Skype Package

*Package not covered by insurance

I offer a series of virtual consults for my local and distance clients. For clients I have seen in person, I offer a 30 minutes Skype visit to talk through new or reoccurring issues that may not require a full in home consult.

For distance clients, I offer a full 1 hour Telehealth consult. Consult includes a thorough intake process so we can utilize our time together covering specific issues and answering questions. I provide a care plan tailored to our visit. For an additional $25, two weeks of messaging support can be added.

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Flange Fitting- $65

60 Minutes Virtual Consult- $150

Back to Work Consult- $145


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