How Do I Know if Baby is Getting Enough?

How do you know if you are making enough milk?

Seems like a simple question but it does not have the straight forward kind of answer most mothers a looking for. Women’s fear of low supply is so common it literally has a name

Perceived Low Supply

This means women have let their fear of inadequate milk production become a reality when in fact most are perfectly capable of making sufficient milk to exclusively nourish their nursling.

So how do we know? We already talked about the inadequacies of using pump volume as a supply indicator. The best way to know if you are making enough milk for baby is to ASK BABY.

-Baby is gaining weight- Baby should be back to birth weight around10-14 days of age. After that, weight gain should be 2/3-1 ounce per day.

-Baby is making 6+ wet diapers and 3/4 dirty diapers a day- if baby has adequate output, then input is sufficient.

-Baby is meeting milestones- if baby is meeting milestones, baby is growing and developing appropriately.

The trouble with all of these indicators is they are a bit indirect. You cannot see how much milk baby is eating. Breastfeeding is a normal process that should not need a lot of intervention so work.

If there are signs of low supply, then an experienced lactation consultant should be called to determine the CAUSE of your decreased supply. If you are meeting all the above prerequisites, take a deep breath and have confidence your baby is getting enough.

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