What are the Best Breastfeeding Products to Help You Breastfeed?

While you don’t need products to help you breastfeed, good products can make your life a lot easier. This is a list of the best breastfeeding products I have found to be helpful to mothers during their breastfeeding journey.

Lil’ Buds

Lil Buds are all natural breast comfort packs that can be heated or cooled for treatment of engorgement, clogged ducts or mastitis.  They are also super handy to wear while breastfeeding and pumping because they fit snuggly in your nursing bra.  They are handmade and covered in a super soft flannel adorn in simply adorable prints.

Heat has been shown to increase efficacy of milk removal from the breast.  An Australian study showed that by using warmed breast shields, mother’s could expect to remove more milk in a shorter time.  Ultrasound supports these findings by demonstrating the effects of heat to the nipple and areola. Warming dilates the milk ducts  allowing for quicker and more efficient removal of milk.  Mothers who use warmed breast shields report feeling more relaxed and comfortable during pumping sessions.

Lil’ Buds can be stuck in the microwave for 5-10 seconds, which simplifies the heating process immensely.  They also keep their heat a lot longer than many of the of heat pads on the market.  The half moon shape fits nicely in a nursing bra so that it can be worn while nursing without fear of pressing against the infants face.  While pumping, two half moons can be combined to make a full circle for ultimate heating power.

There is even an option of selecting a flax and lavender buds filling so you can bathe their sweet calming scent while pumping.  This are an awesome handmade product that can be a lifesaving tool.

Idaho Jones Pump Bag 

Pumping mothers are determined to get the nature’s magic breast milk to their babies and the Chertsey Breast Pump Backpack is here to help them in this journey. It has ample room for all the pumping essentials and personal items. Its simple and clean design lines provide a stylish look that works as well in the office as it does in the park. The lightweight material and compact design prevents the bag from looking and feeling bulky.

Chertsey’s key feature is its large thermally lined side pocket. This pocket is large enough to fit hospital grade pumps such as Medela Symphony and easily fits all other pumps with room to spare for expressed milk.

Details:  Thermally insulated side pocket for breast pumps and expressed milk, Padded laptop sleeve, Velvet lined phone pocket, Spacious front pocket for personal items, Tear resistant stitching

Note:  I am an affiliate for this product.  That means I receive a small portion payout for referral purchases at no extra costs to my buyers.  My clients are eligible to use the Coupon Code 

BORNANDFED1O for a 10% discount at checkout!  For more information about this pump bag, visit the Idaho Jones site HERE.


Pumping Pals are an awesome product I first heard about through a mommy friend.  This friend of mine was exclusively pumping for TRIPLETS, so she was a bit of boss when it came to the subject of pumping.  Pumping Pals are a unique flange that can be used with most pumps (it is compatible with all the major players like Medella, Ameda, and Spectra). Pumping Pals boasts to promote better flow and reduce irritation with a more comfortable fit. The graduated shape of the flange is designed to not constrict milk ducts and promoting better milk collection.  The downward shape of the flange is also more comfortable for moms and ensures you do not miss a drop.

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Why is this worth mentioning?  As we know, milk output is all about supply and demand.  The more you are able to empty the breast, the larger the order you are placing for the next serving of milk.  A pump is naturally not as efficient at emptying the breast as a baby.  This is why we use techniques like hands on pumping and the Marmet Technique to maximize our yield with each pumping session.  The better job your pump does with milk removal, the more it encourages a healthy milk supply.  Not to mention, if you are using your limited time and energy pumping, you want to get the most milk possible for your efforts!  

Pumping Pals delivers on all fronts.  I personally used Pumping Pals after my friend’s recommendation and I was immediately sold.  It is much more comfortable than a traditional flange.  If you are exclusively pumping or find your are getting nipple fatigue (is that thing?  I think I just coined a new phase), then the Pumping Pal is a great fit for you.  Honestly, if you plan on doing any amount of pumping, get this in your pump kit.  They are worth every penny for the increased comfort and every additional ounce of milk they garner.  


After you get the down low on caring for your nipples, take a look at bamboobies.  Many women experience leaking early on in their lactation cycle.  Some lucky ladies, leak throughout.  Nothing screams postpartum more than milk soaking through your shirt.  Breast pads are an excellent way to catch the milk so it doesn’t make it through to your shirt.  The downside is that most breast pads leave a visible outline through your shirt.  I use to wear multiple layers to try and hide my breast pad lumps.  Bamboobies are super absorbent, washable breast pads, but they are also thin enough to not be visible while wearing. Bamboobies are also soft enough to not be irritating to your tender nips.  This a great product made by a breastfeeding mom who saw a need in the market.

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The Haakaa

Some babies only feed on one side during a feed leaving the other breast feeling full or engorged.  For many women, the other side will leak when the babe stimulates letdown on the nursing side.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could collect that milk instead of soiling your shirt?  You can!  The Haakaa is a silicon hand pump that is applied by squeezing the base and applying it to the breast.  The suction generated holds the Haakaa in place while also collecting milk.  

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**Full Disclosure:  This is an Amazon affiliate link.  Buying product with this code supports this blog at not extra cost to you.  Thank you!**

I absolutely LOVE this product for a couple of reasons.  It is so easy to use and it is way less burdensome than setting up your double electric pump.  The ease of use to collect when you maybe wouldn’t normally go through the trouble enables you to collect some bonus milk.  By using the Haakaa a couple times a day while breastfeeding, you quickly build a freezer stash without much extra effort.  I also love that it is one piece making it easy to wash.  It is small and compact which is handy for sticking in a diaper bag or your purse.  There are times when you need to pump that you may not have your double electric pump with you.  The Haakaa makes it possible to let off some milk and relieve heaviness.  I can think of several weddings I went to while breastfeeding my kids that I wish I had a Haakaa in my handbag.

As a lactation consultant I love this product because it is great for stimulating a healthy milk supply.  Many moms respond really well to the Haakaa and because it is so easy to use, they are more inclined to use it multiple times in a day if they need a supply boost.  The Haakaa is a great tool to be used in conjunction with a double electric pump to maximize milk collection and output.

Haakaa, Silicone Handpump


Buy a good hands free pumping bra.  Really.  You need one of these.

When you have a baby, or a toddler, or really any age child for that matter, you find that you have limited “me time.”  Ironically, many moms find that the only time they have to sit down is during pump sessions.  Buying a hands free pump bra can allow you an opportunity to read a book, scroll through your phone, or fall asleep sitting up.  The options are endless.  It also makes it easier to be “hands on” while pumping.  Hands on pumping can help with increase pumping yield and ultimately your supply.  For more information, CLICK HERE.  

There are tons of hands free pumping bras on the market, but a favorite is the Simple Wish Supermom Bra.  Women love this bra because it multipurpose.  It functions as a comfy everyday nursing bra but is also has a hands free pumping application.  The bra straps can be worn over the shoulder or crossed over the back.  It is stylish, comfy, and functional… what more can a girl ask for?  Oh, the company is owned and founded by breastfeeding momas.  Women supporting women. Even better.


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**Full Disclosure:  This is an Amazon affiliate link.  Buying product with this code supports this blog at not extra cost to you.  Thank you!**

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