5 Baby Shower Gifts for Mom She Will Be Thank You For

Who doesn’t love buying baby stuff?  Especially baby clothes.  Sigh.  It makes my ovaries throb just thinking about it.  Heck, I even did a post on some of My Favorite Products that saved my  tush postpartum.  While buying all the stuff mom listed on her registry is important, we need to start giving gifts that will actually HELP mom when the baby arrives.  If you are planning a mom’s baby shower, it can be great to organize some of these gifts as “group gifts” and encourage guests to contribute on top of buying the all the stinking cute baby stuff that really gets everyone’s knickers in a twist.  Here are 5 Baby Shower Gifts for Mom She Will Be Thanking You For.


1. Diapers!

Boring… I know. BUT the average baby uses 2,700 diapers in the first year!  That equates to around $550!  Gasp! So while mom may not be excited about unwrapping diapers at her shower, she will be thanking you later.  I personally love when baby showers have a diaper raffle.  Guests are encouraged to bring a pack of diapers (as big or small a package as they please) and in return they get a raffle ticket.  More packs= More tickets.  Whoever is orchestrating the baby shower makes some kind of gift basket to give away in the raffle.  It is a great way to spice up a baby shower while getting mom thoroughly outfit in diapers.



2. A Complimentary House Cleaning

New moms have no idea how tired and overwhelming the early postpartum period will be.  All of their time and and energy will be dedicated to baby and breastfeeding.  They may not look excited about a free house cleaning, but they will thank you later.  Experienced moms will kiss your feet for this gift.  Either way, the gift of a maid service coming to clean once or twice during mom’s maternity leave is a great way to support mom and allow her freedom to focus on caring for her baby instead of her household.

3. A Postpartum Doula

Most people only associate doulas with labor but they also function as postpartum support.  A doula can have a range of functions depending on a mother’s needs. Their primary purpose is to help mom care for herself and the baby.  The doula is a second set of knowledgable hands that offering a great source for information and encouragement to mom.  Some doulas will even do nighttime support and tend the baby (other than breastfeeding) while mom sleeps.  Doulas will do basic housework, laundry, cook meals, and run errands.  They are an amazing resource ESPECIALLY if mom does not have family nearby to lean on.  It is invaluable for mom’s mental and physical recovery postpartum to be able to feed the baby and then peace out for a nap.  New mom’s are exhausted. Exhaustion and lack of support are major contributors to postpartum depression. Mom’s need to heal physically, mentally,  and spiritually postpartum and focus building a relationship with their baby.  Doula’s take the extra weight of mom’s shoulders.  Doula’s range at $20-45 an hour. The gift of a doula for a couple hours for 3 days during the first week would be an amazing gift for mom and her new baby.

4. A Lactation Consult

Not to toot my own horn, but lactation consultants a fracking amazing.  💁🏼‍♀️ All new mothers can benefit from lactation support early postpartum.  After women leave the hospital, their milk begins to come in and the breastfeeding dynamic changes.  All the tips and advice they have been given in the hospital focuses on the first few days of breastfeeding and often does not prepare them for some of the challenges that may follow.  Some mothers leave the hospital using nipple shields or on a pumping regimen while baby learns to latch.  All of these scenarios require follow up.  Mom’s need an experienced professional to reassess and help her formulate a new plan.  She will have new questions once her milk comes in and after post delivery fog wears off.  Pediatricians are little help in this arena because they are not trained in breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding can be one of the biggest stressors postpartum.  A lactation consult can get mom off on the right foot breastfeeding!  Find a local lactation consultant through the International Lactation Consultant Association OR check out my Services Page… I even do phone and Skype consults!

5.  A Postpartum Online Course

These are such wonderful resources for mothers! We do so much to prepare for labor and almost nothing to prepare for postpartum.  There are steps to postpartum healing. Women need to be informed of the work that needs done after the climax of birth. The illusion of a “happily ever after” leaves so many mothers floundering when confronted with seemingly taboo feelings of depression, anxiety, brokenness, or discontent. These feelings are not uncommon and are not a reflection of a woman’s ability to mother or the depth of her love for her baby.  Education is a key comment in preparing and supporting a new mother.

Check out this amazing course called:  Navigating Postpartum:  Your Essential Guide to the 4th Trimester and Beyond!  I am an affiliate and was a contributor for some of the coursework so I can personally vouch for its content.  It covers a wide range of topics such as physical healing, emotional healing, sex and relationships postpartum, and delves into support resources.  It comes with access to an amazing online support community and has live Q&A sessions with experts.  The class even has a gift option that comes in a sweet little box.  ❤

Mom’s need extra TLC postpartum.  These gifts are a great way to ensure she is getting the care and love she needs to thrive during her 4th trimester and beyond!

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