10 Baby Products for Mommy this Christmas

Happy Holidays!!  Are you ready for Christmas?  I hope not because I was a bit slow getting out my Holiday Gift List.  If you still have some buying to do for yourself or someone you know with a little baby in their life, checkout Go no further!  You have come to the right place. 🙂 


I am a big fan of baby wearing.  It was a lifesaver with my little refluxer and it was elemental to my success as a parent of 2.

I LOVE the Huggaloops. It is basically like a wrap carrier but in one piece that you slip on. If you are like me and have found yourself standing a parking lot stomping on your moby wrap after you attempted to fold it and mummify yourself for the 100th time, this wrap is for you! The video from their website shows you how to slip this baby on. It really is dummy proof if I can figure it out.

The Huggaloops snuggles baby in close when they are wee tiny nuggets.  It  accommodates bigger babies surprisingly well and can be worn in a side carry for toddlers.

One of my favorite features of the Huggaloops is the comfort factor for mommy.  If you are going to be a pack mule, finding a carrier that doesn’t break your back is a must.  The Huggaloops made my baby feel like an extension of my body.  I never felt the back strain I felt with other carriers (and I tried a lot different types).  This carrier is so comfortable I found myself wearing it around the house even when my daughter was not in it.  When she would fuss, I would just slip her in and go!   I also LOVE that it folds up compactly and can be slipped in my diaper bag.

Most importantly, my baby loved this wrap!  I had a lot of trouble finding a carrier my daughter would tolerate.  She screamed in almost anything I put her in… except the Huggaloops.  I actually cried a little when I handed this baby over to a friend.  It was like giving up a piece of my mommyhood.

Magnificent Baby Footie Pjs

Have you ever tried to snap 50 stinking snaps on a wiggling three month old in the wee dark hours of the night?  No, well lucky you.  For the rest of you, I know you are with me when I say it is perhaps one of the most frustrating moments of motherhood.  Okay, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration BUT it really sucks.  Enter… the  MAGNIFICENT BABY FOOTIE. The buttons are FRACKING MAGNETS. It is brilliant. It works better than I could have dreamed. No more snapping a million buttons on your crying baby only to realized you missed one and the whole outfit is cockeyed. They simply snap themselves.  It is magic. This product was a Daddy favorite since I think he has an actual disability preventing him from snapping baby footie PJs.  Seriously, buy ten and throw out anything with snaps.

Phil & Teds Lobster High Chair

Once baby is sitting up and eating solid food, this product is a MUST HAVE. The Phil & Ted’s Lobster Chair essentially gives you a high chair on the go. I use the Phil & Teds lobster chair eating out, at friends home’s, eating at picnic tables, on vacation, or even when my friends bring their babies to my home. There are lots of varieties of this chair but Phil and Teds is the best. It clips most places, it is super secure, and it is lighter weight than other models and folds up into a compact little carry bag. Mine literally lives in my car so I can bust it out anytime we are eating where high chairs are not readily available.  Phil & Teds do baby products right!

SnoozeShade Canopy

This product blows my hair back… in a good way.  It is a completely breathable blackout shade that stretches to fit most pack-n-plays.  I am kinda obsessed with products that help baby sleep.  I originally bought this canopy in anticipation of a family road trip where we (me, my husband, my 2 year old, and my 6 month old) would all be sleeping in a hotel room together.  Oh dear Lord, I was terrified. This was going to be a sleep disaster.  Enter the SnoozeShade.  I was able to put my daughter’s pack-n-play in a quiet corner, blast some white noise nearby, and cover her up.  You know what?  She slept like a dream even with the rest of the family awake and watching TV in the same room.

I have since been a lover of this product.  I use it every stinking week at church when my daughter naps in the church nursery.  They have a lovely little attached room for the babies but it is tragically bright and not super conducive to baby sleep.  No biggie!  SnoozeShade is here!  I have also used it when napping on the go at friend’s homes.

I’m telling you, this product works like a dream and is really well made. The only down side is it has to be purchased overseas! Those smartie pants Mums overseas know their stuff! It use to be available on Amazon but is no longer listed.  Silliness.  Buy this from Ebay and pay the shipping.


I admit, the Dockatot seems like a frivolous purchase BUT it is worth every stinking penny.   Babies love it.   I have never met a mother with a Dockatot who didn’t rave about it.  The product is really not meant for crib sleep but it is fantastic for napping on the go our cosleeping. I was a reluctant cosleeper with my daughter.  Because of her poor sleep habits, it was simply easier to have her in my bed.  She loved the Dockatot and it made me feel more comfortable cosleeping with her.  It was great when we were on the go because her bed could go with us ANYWHERE.  My awful sleeping reflux baby has turned into a napping champion.  She naps anywhere and I think a lot of that is due to her Dockatot and the familiarity it brings to napping on the go.

Anyplace I could find a dark corner to stick her Dockatot with my white noise playing was nap time ready!  We napped at friends, Grammy’s house, church, hotel rooms, you name it. It was a lifesaver when she was past the newborn “I sleep anywhere phase.” Even my husband begrudgingly admitted it was “worth the money.”  PS… Check out the cute covers.

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock (Pristine White) – The All in One Baby Lounger, Portable Crib and Bassinet – Perfect for Co Sleeping – Breathable & Hypoallergenic – Suitable from 0-8 months (Pristine White)

Quinny Zapp Xtra

Love, love, love this stroller. I literally cried when I sold mine.  I felt like I was walking on air with this thing. First, The Quinny App Xtra is ultra light… 20.5lbs! It doesn’t sound like a big deal but from someone who has lifted a full size stroller in and out of my car a million times, I can tell you it gets old real fast. Not to mention if you are trying to haul some heavy beast of a stroller on public transport…it really sucks and you look like a bone head.  This thing feels feather light in comparison with its competitors.

Second, the footprint on the Quinny is tiny. You can squeeze through anywhere (plus it corners like its on rails) and you can take it into almost any restaurant and unobtrusively park it next your table. Major win. It literally takes as much space as any high chair so it works beautifully even in a tight city restaurant.

The seat can be forward OR rear facing! Boom. It is something you don’t think about until you have a small baby. It is nice to have them facing you when they are little. The seat also has several reclining positions including full recline for sleeping.  It also has a really large hood for full shade coverage.

Newer models now fold without having to remove the seat into a tight little package that stores compactly in your trunk.

Basically it is everything you want in an umbrella stroller but with a lot of the comforts of a full sized stroller. It works really seamlessly and is very mommy friendly. 

little.KMD Shoes

So I have a bit of a problem. I am addicted to baby shoes. Little.KMD shoes have done nothing to diminish my addiction… in fact it has only fanned the flame. These shoes are simply adorable. I have had several pairs for my little girl as she has grown (See below pictures). When she was a tiny baby, it was nice to have a soft shoe that actually stayed on her foot and kept her tootsies warm. As she got bigger and more mobile, the leather soled shoes enabled her to walk around without tripping over big rubber soles. There is a wide arrange of adorable patterns. The hardest part is only buying one… which I do not recommend. You should buy lots because they are lovely well made little shoes.

Summer Infant Tiny Portable Placemat

I have gotten more compliments about this product from gobsmacked parents than all the rest combine.  This placemat makes eating out with babies so much more feasible (from a mess standpoint).  Simply roll out this mat at any table and let your baby go.  Why is this a great idea?  Well, try giving a one year old a plate in a restaurant.  In 10 seconds flat it will be on the floor.  The Summer Infant Tiny Portable Placemat (phew it is quiet a name) suction cups to the table keeping it firmly in place.  It also has a little troff in the front to help catch some of the mess.  When baby is done eating, I dump the contents in the trash and roll mat up into itself and stash it back in my purse so I can wash it at home.  I used my mat along with my Phil & Teds lobster chair nearly every time we ate someplace other than home.  I love this thing.


You have a newborn and are not using a Rock-n-play?! Its okay, I was a clueless fool at one point too.  I somehow navigated my son’s infancy without one of these but I have since seen the light.  A friend of mine called me a clueless fool when I had my daughter and admitted to not having one. Thankfully, I don’t take name calling too personally and I took her advice.  If you have learned anything about baby sleep you know newborn’s love warm, tight, snuggly places that move.  The Rock-n-play’s snuggly sling nestles baby in and then delightfully vibrates coaxing baby into peaceful sleep stupor.  If you combine this baby with some white noise and a dark room, you have made a baby sleep den that is nearly impossible for any infant to deny.

Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest

I am a big fan of sleep sacks once baby is out of swaddles. They keep baby warm and are considered SIDs safe for younger infants.  I keep my toddlers in a sleep sacks until they are old enough to transition out of a crib in to a toddler bed.  The sack doesn’t fall off during toddler sleep shenanigans and it discourages standing and climbing out of the crib.  Win.

Baby deedee Sleep Nest Tee Baby Sleeping Bag- Playful Whales-Medium

You will find there are about a million sleep sacks to choose from but the Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest is my FAVORITE. It it a quality product. The quilted sleep sack is warm and cozy and has held up surprisingly well. My 18 month old is in the same sleep sack I used on my son until he was 2.5. I also lent this sack out to a friend for a bit…so it has survived THREE kids!  One feature that is a bit unique is the ability to snap the shoulders.  It is really nice to not wrestle toddler arms through the arm holes.  I also have been grateful for this feature when I am trying to slip a sleeping baby in their sack without waking them up.  This product is one of my go to shower gifts!

The first year of life with baby is hard enough.  These products made my days just a tiny bit easier.  I pray they may do the same for you!  So go forth and buy some cool stuff!

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  1. Totally agree with the baby dee dee sleep sacks! Love them. Hoping Santa brings me a new one! 🤔

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