What is TummyCare Max?


For those of you who are new to the world of reflux, Jeffrey Phillips PharmD is kind of a big deal. He was also the lead in the benchmark study known as MarciKids addressing dosing recommendations for reflux medication in children.  The recommendations from that study have provided dosing parameters knowns as MarciKids Dosing.  Commonly known among followers as Dr. P, Jeffrey Phillips was also the creator of two suspension products that are commonly used in pharmacies around the United States to suspend infant reflux medications.  Also notable on his  CV is the invention of the drug Zegerid, and immediate release proton pump inhibitor for treating acid reflux.  Clearly, Dr. P has been a leader in reflux research and development for many years.

TummyCare Max, TCM is another product created by Dr. P to help treat infant reflux.  It can act as a stand alone product functioning as an antacid (similar to Mylanta Cherry Supreme).  For infants who are not currently medicated on a proton pump inhibitor, PPI, TCM is an effective stand alone product to help treat infant reflux symptoms.  

For infants already being treated with a PPI, TCM acts as a suspending agent to enhance the benefits of a PPI.  Here is what’s great about TCM:

  • TCM makes any PPI  immediate release.  What does this mean?  It means NO MORE TIMING DOSES AROUND MEALS.  I can personally attest that this is a major game changer for managing an reflux infant at home.  
  • Proven stability for 30 days minimum (Under refrigerated conditions).  For those of you who don’t know, pharmacy suspended compounds are only stable for 14 days.  Most Rx are for 30 days worth of medication leaving parents with an infective medication for up to two weeks!
  • It tastes great!  No more fighting baby to take medication only to have half the dose spit out all over the floor.  
  • TCM solution creates less gas than pharmacy suspensions helping reduce colic like symptoms.  
  • MSPI and FPIES allergen friendly!

If you don’t believe me, check out TCM’s reviews.  Parents are fanatical about this product because it works.  

If you have a refluxer that you are struggling to get comfortable, I am telling you there are answers out there. Join support groups like Infant Acid Reflux Solutions  (Did I mention that Dr. P personally answers questions on this page?)! Get educated.  Learn about MarciKids Dosing and get your child’s Doctor ON BOARD.  You can even schedule a free appointment for Infant Acid Reflux Solutions present detailed information about TCM and the other support practices they provide.  There are solutions out there.  You do not need to spend one more day just surviving.  

Check out this started kit.  For $100, you get an acid pH testing kit, a TCM mixing kit, and 6 packets of TCM.  It comes out to less than $3 a day to treat your baby.  I promise… it will be worth it.