F*ck you for Everything Reflux

F*ck you Reflux. F*ck you for hurting my baby, my sweet beautiful baby girl. How lovely she is. But who would have known? Because of you, she has been dubbed the “bad baby,” “the difficult baby,” or “the crier.” No one but me knew there was a sweet laughing baby trapped in her arching, thrusting, screams. No one but me. … Read More

The Trials and Tribulations of Forceful Letdown and Oversupply

Forceful let-down causes generalized breastfeeding disfunction adding to the anxiety and confusion already felt by breastfeeding mothers. These babies often seem to dislike nursing. The mother will often attribute this to something she is doing wrong or conclude her infant simply “prefers a bottle.” It can also cause discomfort while nursing as baby tries to cope with the fast flow … Read More

Before you judge your nurse

There are times as a nurse when you get the distinct impression your patient does not like you. On a labor and delivery floor, this is often the case as I tell my patient that we are going to deviate from “the plan.” Its as if I knifed her birthing ball while setting fire to her her birth plan. The … Read More