Remember the Breastfeeding Mamma this Holiday Season

In one’s life before children, most women do not envision themselves as breastfeeding warriors.  In fact, many women may have very different views of breastfeeding than they will later espouse as mothers.  It is human nature to lack empathy for a cause that is not part of our world. While I respected breastfeeding mothers, the childless me of my past … Read More

10 Baby Products for Mommy this Christmas

Happy Holidays!!  Are you ready for Christmas?  I hope not because I was a bit slow getting out my Holiday Gift List.  If you still have some buying to do for yourself or someone you know with a little baby in their life, checkout Go no further!  You have come to the right place. 🙂  I am a big fan … Read More

Ode to My Husband

My husband is an incredible father. He is of a variety that I have to come to realize is so precious and rare. I wish I could take more credit for wisely vetting for his fine paternal qualities, but if I’m honest I was probably more concerned with how he filled out a pair of wranglers. I was a child … Read More

Allergies vs Intolerances

Recently we have been digging deeper into maternal and infant diet and how it relates to breastfeeding and food introduction for infants.  While many of the dietary restrictions of pregnancy are lifted for breastfeeding mothers, they still need to be aware that what they eat is passed to baby in the breastmilk.  When an exclusively breastfed infant is showing signs … Read More

Eating While Breastfeeding

One of first things on a mother’s mind after delivering her baby is her first postpartum meal.  “When can I eat?”  Many women I help deliver have even planned in advance bringing some forbidden pregnancy food that has been elusive over the last nine months.  Hogies, sushi, alcohol, and coffee are just a few of the top menu contenders.  Being … Read More

Finding Solutions

Today is the day. I am six weeks postpartum from my victorious VBAC delivery (vaginal birth after cesarean) and I am going in to see my friends and coworkers for my follow up appointment. This is the day to come in with my squishy baby girl so I can pass her around while gushing about how magically in love I … Read More

10 Tips to Help You Breastfeed in the Hospital

Right after delivery is prime breastfeeding time aptly dubbed “The Golden Hour.”  Baby is alert and led by instinctive behaviors to find the breast and intimate feeding.  By delaying routine care for the newborn until after breastfeeding has been initiated, we are giving the infant the opportunity to let biology aid the process.  When an infant is immediately removed from … Read More

How My Diet Helped My Baby

Some of you in the breastfeeding world may have heard of a total elimination diet (TED) and wondered if you were missing out on the newest hip mommy diet. Nope. This diet is not for the glamor of regaining your rock hard abs and trim waistline. I wish. The TED is actually about finding foods that are reactive in YOUR … Read More

Birth is Just the Beginning

Before many women have their first baby, so much emphasis is placed on their birth experience and success breastfeeding. New mothers’ seem believe their whole worth lay in the balance. Yet, once your feet come down from the delivery stirrups; life goes on. Because the truth is, the evolution of becoming a mother is not something that happens overnight. Our … Read More

10 Things you should think about before deciding to have two under 2

Whether you have 2 under 2 or not, two children is a COMPLETELY different ballgame. I know, I know, you single child mothers are rolling your eyes at me and hearing “WaWaWa” noises. I was the same way when my friends with multiple children told me to hold onto my hat. How much harder could it be? The answer is … Read More