The new push to educate parents via the PURPLE Crying campaign is one that makes me cringe inside. I read the mission statement and catchy acronym and … I get it. I get that they are trying to educate parents about “normal infant crying” so there is a realistic expectations when going home. Babies do cry a lot. Most cry … Read More

How Do I Know Baby is Getting Enough?

How do you know if you are making enough milk? Seems like a simple question but it does not have the straight forward kind of answer most mothers a looking for. Women’s fear of low supply is so common it literally has a name Perceived Low Supply This means women have let their fear of inadequate milk production become a … Read More

10 Reason’s You Have Low Supply

Low supply is one of the biggest concerns of breastfeeding mothers.  Its the stuff their nightmares are made of. Very few women have a physiologic inability to make milk.  Hormonal imbalances or insufficient glandular development can be responsible for some women’s true low supply.  Breast surgery or trauma can be another factor potentially hindering a breast’s ability to make milk.  For … Read More