Do I Need an In Home Consult?

If you are asking yourself this question, then chances are YOU DO! Whether you are just home from the hospital and having painful latch issues or you are several months out and concerned that your milk supply is inadequate, I can help. Together we can evaluate your breastfeeding (or bottle feeding!) issues and formulate a plan of care. My mission is to help you meet your goals and get your baby fed.

In Home Consults

Before meeting with your family in your home, I ask you fill out an intake form so that I can tailor the structure of our visit. Most families require a 90 minute initial visit and a 30-45 minute follow up visit.

Visit in inclues:

  • Weigh in for baby
  • In depth discussion with parents about concerns and plan of care
  • Observing baby’s latch and milk transfer
  • Assess positioning and comfort for mom
  • Tailor informational packet with outlined plan of care


I live in the southern end of Lancaster, PA. I generally only make in home consults for families within 50 miles of my home. For an agreed upon fee, I will consider traveling further.

E-mail/Phone Lactation Package

  • How much milk should I expect to be pumping?
  • How do I know my baby is eating enough?
  • My baby seems to cry all the time. Is that normal?
  • How long is my pumped milk good for in the refrigerator? Freezer? At room temperature?

Do you have some questions you want answered by a lactation consultant? Perfect. I’m here to help. The internet is a wealth of information but much of it is contradictory or from unreliable sources. Many parents feel overwhelmed trying to find answers to breastfeeding questions like:

Reflux/Colic Package

Do you have a colicky baby and feel like you can’t find help or clear cut answers anywhere?  Born and Fed offers a custom package to help guide and mentor parents through this difficult time.  The package offers a stepwise approach to addressing the root cause of baby’s discomfort and suggestions for management.  

  • Detailed Intake Phone Conversation
  • Custom Plan to Help Manage Symptoms
  • Diet Plan for Mom and/or Baby
  • E-mail/Phone Availability for Follow-up Support


I am now an in-network provider for Independence Blue Cross.

Coming soon… AETNA COVERAGE!

Check with your insurance provider to clarify your coverage. Visits may be fully covered. Many Aetna plans will cover up to 6 visits! If you are not insured by Aetna or Blue cross I also take credit cards (fees apply) or cash.

In Home Consults

Initial consults are generally schedule to be 90 minutes long. Follow up visits are 30-45 minutes.

  • Initial Visit- $175
  • Follow Up- $100

E-mail Package

Includes on intake phone call and a week of e-mail correspondence.

  • $50*

Reflux/Colic Consult

Includes Intake phone conversation, detailed plan of care, diet counsoling and support, and follow up e-mails.

  • $100*

*Package not covered by insurance

For more information, CONTACT ME today.