The new push to educate parents via the PURPLE Crying campaign is one that makes me cringe inside. I read the mission statement and catchy acronym and … I get it. I get that they are trying to educate parents about “normal infant crying” so there is a realistic expectations when going home. Babies do cry a lot. Most cry … Read More

Colic Is Not Normal

No truer words have ever been said.  Living with a colicky infant is a life altering experience.  It rains havoc on the entire family system.  It is hard to imagine how one little baby can cause so much dysfunction… until you have lived it.   How does one know if their baby has colic?  The rule of threes is generally … Read More

Allergies vs Intolerances

Recently we have been digging deeper into maternal and infant diet and how it relates to breastfeeding and food introduction for infants.  While many of the dietary restrictions of pregnancy are lifted for breastfeeding mothers, they still need to be aware that what they eat is passed to baby in the breastmilk.  When an exclusively breastfed infant is showing signs … Read More

Finding Solutions

Today is the day. I am six weeks postpartum from my victorious VBAC delivery (vaginal birth after cesarean) and I am going in to see my friends and coworkers for my follow up appointment. This is the day to come in with my squishy baby girl so I can pass her around while gushing about how magically in love I … Read More

How My Diet Helped My Baby

Some of you in the breastfeeding world may have heard of a total elimination diet (TED) and wondered if you were missing out on the newest hip mommy diet. Nope. This diet is not for the glamor of regaining your rock hard abs and trim waistline. I wish. The TED is actually about finding foods that are reactive in YOUR … Read More

F*ck you for Everything Reflux

F*ck you Reflux. F*ck you for hurting my baby, my sweet beautiful baby girl. How lovely she is. But who would have known? Because of you, she has been dubbed the “bad baby,” “the difficult baby,” or “the crier.” No one but me knew there was a sweet laughing baby trapped in her arching, thrusting, screams. No one but me. … Read More

The Trials and Tribulations of Forceful Letdown and Oversupply

Forceful let-down causes generalized breastfeeding disfunction adding to the anxiety and confusion already felt by breastfeeding mothers. These babies often seem to dislike nursing. The mother will often attribute this to something she is doing wrong or conclude her infant simply “prefers a bottle.” It can also cause discomfort while nursing as baby tries to cope with the fast flow … Read More