Teaching Mothers Self Love

Our country is failing postpartum mothers.  During pregnancy, support is abundant.  There are prenatal visits, ultrasounds, baby showers, and courses abound to teach women how to prepare for delivery.  There are support teams of doctors, nurses, doulas, and friends.  We are armed to the teeth to deliver babies.  Then, after the climax of delivery, the help and support slowly drifts … Read More

5 Ways Having Babies Can Blow Up Your Sex Life

You have a baby, it takes over your life, and there is less time for YOU individually and for YOU as a couple.  End of story.  Right?  Well, yes and no.  Having a baby is a beautiful, empowering, stressful, exhausting, life altering thing.  Your life as you know it will literally never be the same after you bring a baby … Read More


The new push to educate parents via the PURPLE Crying campaign is one that makes me cringe inside. I read the mission statement and catchy acronym and … I get it. I get that they are trying to educate parents about “normal infant crying” so there is a realistic expectations when going home. Babies do cry a lot. Most cry … Read More

Colic Is Not Normal

No truer words have ever been said.  Living with a colicky infant is a life altering experience.  It rains havoc on the entire family system.  It is hard to imagine how one little baby can cause so much dysfunction… until you have lived it.   How does one know if their baby has colic?  The rule of threes is generally … Read More

10 Baby Products for Mommy this Christmas

Happy Holidays!!  Are you ready for Christmas?  I hope not because I was a bit slow getting out my Holiday Gift List.  If you still have some buying to do for yourself or someone you know with a little baby in their life, checkout Go no further!  You have come to the right place. 🙂  I am a big fan … Read More

Ode to My Husband

My husband is an incredible father. He is of a variety that I have to come to realize is so precious and rare. I wish I could take more credit for wisely vetting for his fine paternal qualities, but if I’m honest I was probably more concerned with how he filled out a pair of wranglers. I was a child … Read More

Birth is Just the Beginning

Before many women have their first baby, so much emphasis is placed on their birth experience and success breastfeeding. New mothers’ seem believe their whole worth lay in the balance. Yet, once your feet come down from the delivery stirrups; life goes on. Because the truth is, the evolution of becoming a mother is not something that happens overnight. Our … Read More

10 Things you should think about before deciding to have two under 2

Whether you have 2 under 2 or not, two children is a COMPLETELY different ballgame. I know, I know, you single child mothers are rolling your eyes at me and hearing “WaWaWa” noises. I was the same way when my friends with multiple children told me to hold onto my hat. How much harder could it be? The answer is … Read More

F*ck you for Everything Reflux

F*ck you Reflux. F*ck you for hurting my baby, my sweet beautiful baby girl. How lovely she is. But who would have known? Because of you, she has been dubbed the “bad baby,” “the difficult baby,” or “the crier.” No one but me knew there was a sweet laughing baby trapped in her arching, thrusting, screams. No one but me. … Read More