Eating While Breastfeeding

One of first things on a mother’s mind after delivering her baby is her first postpartum meal.  “When can I eat?”  Many women I help deliver have even planned in advance bringing some forbidden pregnancy food that has been elusive over the last nine months.  Hogies, sushi, alcohol, and coffee are just a few of the top menu contenders.  Being … Read More

Finding Solutions

Today is the day. I am six weeks postpartum from my victorious VBAC delivery (vaginal birth after cesarean) and I am going in to see my friends and coworkers for my follow up appointment. This is the day to come in with my squishy baby girl so I can pass her around while gushing about how magically in love I … Read More

10 Tips to Help You Breastfeed in the Hospital

Right after delivery is prime breastfeeding time aptly dubbed “The Golden Hour.”  Baby is alert and led by instinctive behaviors to find the breast and intimate feeding.  By delaying routine care for the newborn until after breastfeeding has been initiated, we are giving the infant the opportunity to let biology aid the process.  When an infant is immediately removed from … Read More

How My Diet Helped My Baby

Some of you in the breastfeeding world may have heard of a total elimination diet (TED) and wondered if you were missing out on the newest hip mommy diet. Nope. This diet is not for the glamor of regaining your rock hard abs and trim waistline. I wish. The TED is actually about finding foods that are reactive in YOUR … Read More

The Trials and Tribulations of Forceful Letdown and Oversupply

Forceful let-down causes generalized breastfeeding disfunction adding to the anxiety and confusion already felt by breastfeeding mothers. These babies often seem to dislike nursing. The mother will often attribute this to something she is doing wrong or conclude her infant simply “prefers a bottle.” It can also cause discomfort while nursing as baby tries to cope with the fast flow … Read More

Before you judge your nurse

There are times as a nurse when you get the distinct impression your patient does not like you. On a labor and delivery floor, this is often the case as I tell my patient that we are going to deviate from “the plan.” Its as if I knifed her birthing ball while setting fire to her her birth plan. The … Read More