Teaching Mothers Self Love

Our country is failing postpartum mothers.  During pregnancy, support is abundant.  There are prenatal visits, ultrasounds, baby showers, and courses abound to teach women how to prepare for delivery.  There are support teams of doctors, nurses, doulas, and friends.  We are armed to the teeth to deliver babies.  Then, after the climax of delivery, the help and support slowly drifts … Read More

5 Ways Having Babies Can Blow Up Your Sex Life

You have a baby, it takes over your life, and there is less time for YOU individually and for YOU as a couple.  End of story.  Right?  Well, yes and no.  Having a baby is a beautiful, empowering, stressful, exhausting, life altering thing.  Your life as you know it will literally never be the same after you bring a baby … Read More

Informed Birth: Grieving My Birth Experience

My first baby was born via cesarean section.  I am a labor and delivery nurse.  I know deep in my bones that our childbirth stories are not ours to author.  I have been witness to so many births and I know the expectation that fills women when they enter a labor and delivery suite.  Their dreams are bubbling over the … Read More

When Birth Does Not Go As Planned

They call childbirth LABOR for a reason. It is hard; so much harder than any women can simply fathom. For hours, days even,  you are taken hostage by your body on a ride that undulates in and out of agony culminating in a fiery climax. Unleashed is the primal woman roaring in victory and surrender as her genesis  into motherhood … Read More

Birth is Just the Beginning

Before many women have their first baby, so much emphasis is placed on their birth experience and success breastfeeding. New mothers’ seem believe their whole worth lay in the balance. Yet, once your feet come down from the delivery stirrups; life goes on. Because the truth is, the evolution of becoming a mother is not something that happens overnight. Our … Read More